Blood Testing

Blood Testing

All Participants of an event are required to submit blood work to the promoter of their event. Test results submitted by participants will not be accepted.

This includes:

        Acceptable HIV;

        Acceptable Hepatitis B markers or Hepatitis B vaccination; and

        Acceptable Hepatitis C antibody.

Blood testing results are valid for one year after the date blood was collected.  In Wyoming, there are two ways to have required blood testing conducted.  

1. KnoWyo

KnoWyo is a safety-net testing program offered by the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) and funded by CDC. KnoWyo offers risk based low or no-cost testing for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C (Fighter's Trio) based on the current CDU Screening Recommendations and the current CDU KnoWyo Voucher Guidance. Funding limitations apply.

There are over 40 KnoWyo testing locations across the state and available services vary from location to location. For more information on KnoWyo testing sites go to CDU’s KnoWyo website.

Additionally, taking PrEP medication to prevent HIV, decreases the risk of acquiring HIV. For more information on PrEP for the prevention of HIV go to CDU's W[h]Y PrEP Matters website.


2. Private Testing Companies

There are numerous companies online that expedite testing.  Often times these services are faster than public health clinics.  Below are some examples:

    LabCorp - This clinical testing company has facilities all over the country. The state and national MMA community has used LabCorp for reliable

    testing for a long time. Cost: Varies

    Request a Test -  Puts you in touch with a clinic nearby, negotiates a price, and sends you the results any way you perfer when they are done.

    Cost: Varies

    Advanced Sports Labs -  Get blood drawn at any clinic nearby, and mail it in. Advanced Sports Labs will send the results via email to you and the

    promoter of your event. Results are usually completed within 48 hours. Cost: $85.00

    ACCESA Labs - 888-946-9522