Become an Official / Renew your License

-Apply to work for the state as a Referee or Judge. Currently we are accepting applications on an as-needed basis.

-All applicants are required to attend a Training Day, to learn the specific state procedures required of officials at events. Officials have various responsibilities, in addition to the actual officiating that occurs.

Officials Application

Become a Ringside Physician

-Any practicing M.D., D.O.,P.A., or F.N.P is eligible to apply to be a licensed Ringside Physician.

Ringside Physician Application

Become a member of our Medical Support Team

-Safety is a priority for the Board. Help support the sport, and gain real life experience in the field! Work alongside the Ringside Physician. All persons licensed as an E.M.T., A.T.C., P.A., P.T, R.N, L.N.P, or paramedic may apply. Submit this application to be placed on the list of registered support personnel.

Medical Support Registration